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MATEBA Monitoring Solutions BV

MATEBA Monitoring Solutions BV

Twentepoort Oost 61 16, 7609RG, Almelo 0854867620 Website

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Development, trade, wholesale and service of measuring and monitoring solutions for product safety & security. We serve the sector transport & warehousing of food, pharmaceuticals and other high value goods (tobacco, electronics, etc.). During transport & warehousing we measure, monitore and guard critical control points like temperature, humidity, pressure, reefer data, door open/close and provide a complete track & trace. Our solutions take care of the security of high value goods with electronical door locks, controled by a high end webportal.

Our monitoring solutions are also for cleanrooms, laboratories and production areas in medical and pharma. Charactiristic control points here are temperature, humidity, shock, pressure difference, CO2 and particals. Solutions like these need a good project control, reliable hard- & software and excellent service so we also take care of mapping, calibration and repair. With our solutions you are ready for TAPA TSR1, BAT V1, HACCP, GDP, GAMP, General Food Law, etc.

Represented brands: Euroscan, ORBCOMM, Trans-Safety LOCKS and RMONI Wireless.

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