Japanese Acupuncture Centre

Japanese Acupuncture Centre

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Acupuncture in Japan

The therapeutic methods we employ from Japan are generally very gentle and effective. Acupuncture in Japan has been adapted to suit the needs of todays modern person, hence it generally uses milder needling techniques with thinner gauge needles, and shallower insertion methods.

Treatment techniques and goals

Acupuncture can be used to help strengthen a person's natural healing ability, to speed up the recovery from disease and as a preventative measure to help protect one's health. This goal, coupled with targeting the relief of specific symptoms that each patient presents with requires that we use a wide variety of treatment methods, including different needling methods, application of heat through the use of moxibustion, retained needling methods, cupping, etc.

Individualized treatment

Our treatment approach assesses each patient individually to determine what are the optimal treatment approaches and combinations of techniques for each patient.