Robertpack Engineering / Coster

Robertpack Engineering / Coster

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Coster Group is a leading multinational provider of aerosol spray and dispensing packaging components and filling machines, earning annual revenues of approximately Euro 179 million.

The company addresses all segments of the market with a complete range of standard aerosol valves and actuators, spray caps, spray pumps and dispensers, offering substantial manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

In addition, Coster offers significant design resources to its customers, many of whom are multinational firms operating in diverse consumer markets with a range of well-known brands.

The past fifteen years have seen increasing use of aerosol packaging components to enhance brand identity and differentiation, and many customers have come to rely on Coster for assistance in the design and manufacture of custom components.

Today, Coster Group designers and production engineers routinely work with Group customers to develop actuators and spray caps that combine precise engineering and manufacturing specifications with marketing-led packaging and design requirements.

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